OXIPRO Partner University of Groningen Showcases Cutting Edge Research at OxiZymes 2022

OXIPRO is proud to announce that project partner Marco Fraaije, Molecular Enzymology Group, University of Groningen, has been invited as a speaker at the forthcoming 10th Edition of OxiZymes meeting, to be hosted in Siena, Italy, from July 5-8, 2022.   Over the past decade, Marco Fraaije’s research group has focused on the redesign of oxidative flavoenzymes towards industrially relevant biocatalysts. Using insights into their structures and mechanisms, several appealing flavoprotein oxidases and monooxygenases have been engineered. In his lecture titled:...
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Science and Technology Studies Pioneer Sheila Jasanoff Named 2022 Holberg Laureate

Research without society’s input lacks balance. How do science and technology interplay with society, politics, culture, and law -  and vice versa? Over the last 100 years we have seen major changes in our understanding of living organisms, and with that we have gained the ability to manipulate microbes and compounds for various application in society, such as enzymes that can be used for food, feed, materials, energy and vaccines.   Prof. Sheila Jasanoff has been interested in understanding how...
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OXIPRO Welcomes Expert Members to its Advisory Board

The OXIPRO project is delighted to announce the establishment of an expert Advisory Board, whose advice and guidance will increase the value and contribute to the success of this initiative.   OXIPRO’s success relies on the alignment to values, needs, and expectations of targeted stakeholder groups, including research, business, policy, and society in general. One of the tools central to this is an external Advisory Board, whose guidance - based on their specific fields of interest - is vital.  ...
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