NORCE Showcases OXIPRO at Bioflavour Conference

Delegates from OXIPRO's coordinating organisation NORCE recently participated in the Bioflavour Conference, held this year from 27th – 30th of September in Frankfurt, Germany.   Over 150 participants from more than 17 countries represented different industries, research institutes and universities at the conference, which was organised to bring recent biotechnological developments in the synthesis and production of flavour, fragrance, and functional compounds. The production and analysis of these compounds were discussed in the form of scientific talks and posters which...
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Meet the OXIPRO Biotech Team at LEITAT

LEITAT is a private technological centre located in Terrassa, Spain with more than 110 years' experience in R&D, technology transfer and industrial innovation services. The center’s expertise brings value to a wide range of industries and sectors through dedicated R&D and tech transfer services, and it applies research in the fields of chemistry, energy, environment, materials, engineering and life sciences.   Here we introduce the OXIPRO biotech team at LEITAT (from left to right in the photo): Belen Castro, Helena...
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A Fail-Safe 10-point Plan for Stakeholder Engagement

For responsible research to be made meaningful, it must be communicated to all relevant stakeholders in the most effective ways and at the most opportune times. This is not a easy task, yet stakeholder engagement is fundamental to project success and achieving the expected impact. Importantly, it is often mandatory in a third-party funding context.   OXIPRO partners SB Science Management (SBSM) and REDINN, have just published a succinct, practical guide to planning stakeholder engagement, titled ‘Ten simple rules on how to develop a...
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