Meet the OXIPRO Team at Biocatalysts Ltd – Driving Enzyme Innovation

Unlocking Life’s Potential

Biocatalysts Ltd is a global biotechnology company producing speciality enzymes at commercial scales for food,
flavour and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, life science and fine chemical industries. Biocatalysts Ltd offer both off-
the-shelf enzyme products and an award-winning customised enzyme discovery, development, and
manufacturing service, with the tools and flexibility to provide tailored solutions specific to customers’ needs
and to deliver rapid enzyme scale up from discovery through to full commercialisation. Biocatalysts Ltd produce
high value enzymes through microbial fermentation technology and custom design of enzymes formulations with
optimised side activities that offer superior performance in different industry applications and processes.


Streamlining Success

Biocatalysts Ltd is mainly involved in the optimisation of fermentation and downstream processes for the
manufacturing of the oxidoreductase enzymes developed within OXIPRO. An optimised, small-scale, fed-batch
fermentation to produce an enzyme candidate has been recently completed, with the preparation of samples
that will be tested by the OXIPRO partner LEITAT. Biocatalysts Ltd is committed to scale-up the production of this
oxidoreductase candidate to pilot scale; this will be key to inform the consortium on the cost effectiveness of the
manufacturing process.


Dr Andrew Ellis, VP of Fermentation & Technical at Biocatalysts Ltd comments, “Oxidoreductases provide value
to a broad range of industrial applications. The OXIPRO project is pushing the boundaries in pre-commercial
development of new oxidoreductases to drive innovation in this technology space. Additionally, the OXIPRO
consortium is developing enabling tools and technologies such as new production strains for manufacture of these
enzymes in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. A key benefit for Biocatalysts Ltd is the connections,
networking, and valuable discussions across the OXIPRO community, fostering synergy and innovation even when
least expected.”


In addition, Biocatalysts Ltd offer to the OXIPRO consortium the use of the metagenomics database MetXtra™:
including over 340 million unique protein sequences, MetXtra™ can be the source of new oxidoreductases.
Selected sequences have already been shared with the partner BSC who analyse the corresponding protein
sequence by using BSC’s powerful bioinformatics tools and establish new candidates for enzyme expression
trials. With its experience in manufacturing, regulatory, and compliance of enzymes, Biocatalysts Ltd support the
OXIPRO consortium in the integration of developed products within its innovative cases.


This year, Biocatalysts Ltd has proudly supported the successful organization of OXIPRO’s Annual meeting!

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