OXIPRO focuses on the development of novel enzymes – and specifically oxidoreductases – for environment-friendly consumer products.
With the help of the most efficient computing and newest biotechnology, OXIPRO will provide new sustainable and efficient production processes for consumer goods that will benefit not only the environment, but also consumers, industry, researchers, and society in general.
OXIPRO will make important steps towards greener sunscreens, textiles, nutraceuticals, and detergents, and will contribute to the overall sustainability and competitiveness of the European bio-based economy.


OXIPRO will build on the competence and resources developed over the last decades. We will work with on-going national and international research initiatives and we will closely liaise and collaborate with our sister projects funded under the same topic(s).
FNR-16-2020 – Enzymes for more environment-friendly consumer products.


will advanced a fast-track-to-market platform to discover, design, optimise and formulate enzymes for environment-friendly products. Enzymes will be used to develop economically viable products for textiles, detergents, and cosmetics.


will discover novel enzymes for debranching xylan, a highly abundant polymer in plants. Production systems for these enzymes will be optimised and the enzymes will be applied to produce a debranched (water-insoluble) form of xylan that has properties which make it suitable as an ingredient in a range of consumer products.


will deliver faster, more versatile, and more affordable tools for enzyme discovery and engineering, enabling the development of novel enzymes, new formulations, and ingredients for more environment-friendly and healthier consumer products.