OXIPRO and FuturEnzyme – first joint paper by sister projects

OXIPRO is excited to announce our first joint publication with a sister project, FuturEnzyme. Titled ‘EP-pred: A Machine Learning Tool for Bioprospecting Promiscuous Ester Hydrolases,’ the paper presents a computer model to predict enzyme’s promiscuity from a sequence alone. It is the result of a successful collaborative effort involving co-authors Ruite Xiang , Ana Robles-Martin and Victor Guallar from Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC); along with Laura Fernandez-Lopez and Manuel Ferrer, Department of Applied Biocatalysis, ICP, CSIC. The paper is accessible here Xiang, R.;...
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Barcelona Supercomputing Center Welcomes New Researcher

The OXIPRO team at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre is delighted to welcome a new team member, Martin Floor.   Born in the Netherlands, Martin was raised in Chile, where he successfully completed his BSc and MSc in Biochemistry at the University of Chile, the latter focussing on the production of recombinant proteins and Biotechnology. In his MSc thesis, and under the supervision of Prof. Gerald Zapata, Martin developed the basis of a theoretical enzyme for a type of reaction only catalysed...
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New Researcher Joins OXIPRO Team at NORCE

OXIPRO is delighted to welcome onboard a new researcher, Rasmus Moen Ree, who has joined the team at NORCE. Rasmus's research background is in molecular biology, which he studied at the University of Bergen, Norway. After successfully defending his PhD thesis in 2017, he has been working as a postdoctoral researcher in Bergen since then. His focus until now has been on working to understand the function of protein modifications in health and disease. He has analysed this question from...
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