Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, on International Women’s Day, the OXIPRO project looks at the issue of gender in the EC project funding framework: Horizon 2020. This was the first framework programme to include a specific article on gender equality in its regulations, and to establish gender as a crosscutting issue. The OXIPRO project is one of the few initiatives that stands out with strong scores on gender balance indicators. Let’s look at some of these scores compared with overall scores for Horizon 2020...
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New OXIPRO Team Member at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

The OXIPRO Project is delighted to welcome a new researcher to the team. Albert Cañellas comes from Tarragona, Spain, and has just successfully completed a joint honours degree in Computer Science and Biotechnology at Universitat Rovira i Virgili. During his studies, he completed an internship in a Germany-based biotechnology company, programming an optical flow algorithm for a “Human-on-a-chip”. This technology provides preclinical insights and enables the direct prediction of effects of chemicals and their metabolism on near real-life models. Albert...
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OXIPRO Welcomes a New Researcher

The OXIPRO Project is delighted to welcome a new researcher to the team. Veronica Bodescu moved from her native Romania to embark on - and successfully complete - her BSc in Chemistry at the University of Groningen in 2019, which enabled her to pursue her interest in the field of biochemistry. As a result, she specialised with an MSc in Biomolecular sciences at the University of Groningen, during which time she developed a keen interest in computational research. The MSc...
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