Rolco Showcases OXIPRO at 2nd Sustainable Homecare Products Forum

Panos Kotsakis

OXIPRO partner Rolco, represented by Research and Development Director, Panos Kotsakis, recently showcased OXIPRO’s work in a presentation titled: “Future outlook on the HomeCare industry: Sustainable product development” at the 2nd Annual Sustainable HomeCare Products Forum, Frankfurt, Germany.

The talk focused on issues surrounding weight efficient sustainable raw materials; better, less,  or no packaging; product compaction; and consumer habit change

Under the most important ‘sustainable ingredients’ pillar of the presentation discussions revolved around:

  • The OXIPRO collaboration
  • The vision of weight efficient ingredients and sustainable raw materials, such as enzymes in laundry liquid detergents in line with trends for compaction
  • The market need for liquid compatible disinfection technologies and the specific need for hygiene enzymes beyond those target biofilms
  • A topline non-confidential summary of the exploratory work on novel enzyme systems for laundry disinfection and the relevant application testing for the laundry case

The 2nd Annual Sustainable HomeCare Products Forum emerged due to the increasing demand for eco-friendly cleaning products and growing global concerns about personal health, environmental damage, climate change, resource constraints, rising energy costs, and toxic chemicals present in other products.

Since Home & Personal Care trends are changing and hygiene remains on the top of the mind as consumers re-emerge, at our Forum we are focusing on the latest changes. In fact, Home & Personal Care is referred to as an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) business for a reason. On-shelf formulations can change within 6 months, driven by competitor moves, new consumer testing, tender processes, or raw material supplier/price fluctuations.

At the 2nd Annual Sustainable HomeCare Products Forum, which will be co-hosted with the Sustainable Beauty Forum in parallel, the Covid-19 impact on increasing hygiene and the demand for HomeCare products will be discussed, as well as consumer behavior regarding the performance of the product, their price doubts, the feedstock crisis and the latest regulatory updates and challenges. The highlight will be on the key technologies – to be precise, their updates and the innovations, and the need for digitization of the R&D processes. The bond between sustainable packaging and sustainable home care products will be discussed, the importance of fragrances in the formulation of home care products and their sustainability.

For more information, contact and visit the event website

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