First Scientific Paper Published for OXIPRO!

OXIPRO partners are proud to announce the publication of their first scientific paper.


Titled “Structural Elucidation and Engineering of a Bacterial Carbohydrate Oxidase”, the paper is the result of the ongoing fruitful collaboration between project partners University of Groningen (RUG), led by Marco Fraaije, and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), led by Victor Guallar. Also making significant contributions are two young stars of the teams, Lars Santema (RUG) and Ruite Xiang (BSC).


The paper, which focuses on a carbohydrate oxidase, is of particular relevance to OXIPRO’s innovation cases and is downloadable here


In discussing the paper, Marco commented: “Our recent study/paper on the detailed structure of a newly discovered bacterial carbohydrate oxidase provides insight into the mechanism by which such an enzyme recognizes specific carbohydrates, and how it selectively oxidizes them. We are particularly interested in this enzyme because it can be easily produced in a common workhorse used for enzyme engineering (Escherichia coli). With having (1) an easy method to produce the enzyme, (2) a high-quality structure, and (3) data on its catalytic properties, we can now embark on enzyme engineering studies that will deliver tailor-made robust carbohydrate oxidases acting on relevant carbohydrates. The work also demonstrates the added benefit of working together in an EU project. The computational analysis by the BSC group led by Victor added to our understanding of how such enzymes work, and provides leads on how to tune it for other activities or purposes and applications.”


BSC’s work primarily focused on post-design calculations to rationalize some experimental changes in substrate affinity. Victor Guallar added:  “We are glad that PELE simulations, a dynamical map of the enzyme-substrate interactions, could help in better understanding the improvements observed experimentally.”


For more information, contact the corresponding author:

Marco W. Fraaije – Molecular Enzymology, Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute, University of Groningen, 9747AG Groningen, The Netherlands; Email:

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