From Spain to Turkey – OXIPRO Researchers Go on a Cotton Fact-Finding Mission

UAB - Zorlutek researchers

OXIPRO partners Óscar Romero and Yerko Fredes, researchers from​ the Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) have made a fruitful visit to the facilities of the Zorluteks (Turkey). Gizem Aydemir, textile engineer in charge of Zorluteks’ participation in OXIPRO, kindly guided them around Zorluteks, showing all the steps of the cotton treatment process.


Marina Guillen Montalban (Senior Researcher, UAB) commented, ‘This was a great opportunity to discover more about each step of the cotton treatment process, such as flows, temperatures, pHs, how each step is connected to the next one, and operational modes. With this information we are able to better design the best strategy for the biobleaching process that we are developing within OXIPRO. This visit was of key importance for us to understand the whole process and to offer Zorluteks the best option in terms of bioprocess design”.

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