Kick-start your Innovative Creativity with OXIPRO’s Innovation Boot Camp

Companies and researchers depend on the ability to innovate in order to stay competitive. Innovation is traditionally thought to be associated with fun and creativity. However, innovation can be hard work that requires both willingness and the ability to generate ideas and its purpose should focus on the “why” and not the “what” in order to sustain innovation in the long term.


That’s why OXIPRO is offering you the opportunity to register for its free Innovation Boot Camp (IBC) taking place on April 18th and 19th, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. 


What is the Innovation Boot Camp?

  • Through real-life practical examples, you’ll learn about different challenges in the field of modern biotechnology, and then develop “unconventional” solutions in small groups.
  • A moderated process will guide you from idea development to the first draft of a business plan.
  • In the accompanying training you’ll receive information on basic business development methods and processes as well as practice in creativity techniques
  • We’ll draw on elements of the design thinking process to unleash your creativity and structure the development of the solution approaches.
  • You will be faced with the reality of working with people from different disciplines and cultures and will gain experience in competing in the market and battling for  consumer ‘buy in’.
  • The bootcamp also incorporates with a pitch and feedback session.


How can you benefit from the IBC?

The IBC will enable you to expand your soft skills portfolio both in terms of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, and in terms of your career opportunities on the academic and non-academic labour market.


Who should apply?

Masters,  PhD students and Postdocs of OXIPRO and its FNR-16-2020 sister projects.
We are looking for young researchers who can give a fresh set of eyes to ideas and/or challenges initially developed by OXIPRO partners for the innovation cases on:
• textiles,
• nutraceuticals,
• detergents,
• sunscreens,
or a combination of these.



To apply for participation, please register here.

The number of participants is limited and so participants will be selected by the organisers based on their application and informed at least 4 weeks before the start of the event.

Participation at the event is free of charge; however, participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs. Catering during the event and on the evening of the first day will be provided by the organisers.


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