Meet the Team – How is REDINN Reinforcing OXIPRO’S Innovation Strategies?

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Rome, RETE EUROPEA DELL’INNOVAZIONE (REDINN) is a high-growth knowledge intensive consulting company that has expanded its operation on a global scale, collaborating with European and international companies and research centres. The growth of REDINN can be attributed to the innovative and specific greentech consulting services that the company offers to private and public entities, specializing in energy, water, waste, the circular economy, and sustainability, as well as the support it provides to industrial and research organisations in defining and implementing their innovation and research strategies.


REDINN supports SMEs by designing and implementing dissemination, communication, international business, marketing, IPR and exploitation strategies for market uptake of innovative solutions. REDINN’S strengths lie in its high calibre people: a pool of professional consultants with consolidated experience in international working environments; specialized in consultancy services for research and development projects; and highly proficient in advanced methodologies, promotional tools, and ICT solutions. Together, REDINN can draw on an expert bank of knowledge and expertise in project management, dissemination, communication and exploitation strategies, R&D and innovation, technology transfer, and IT solutions.


The REDINN team dedicated to OXIPRO have a number of pivotal tasks:


Informing Policymakers: REDINN is coordinating the policy work of the four enzyme cluster projects: EnXylascope, FuturEnzyme, OXIPRO and RadicalZ,  so that our research developments can positively impact EU policy, legislation, and regulation.


Social and Economic Sustainability Assessment: Through the application of a science-based methodological framework comprising Environmental Life Cycle Costing (E-LCC), and Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA), we are providing a comprehensive social and economic assessment; implementing a value-chain analysis; and producing an overall sustainability evaluation of the production and use of OXIPRO enzymes. In this regard, REDINN is focused on facilitating an interdisciplinary collaborative ecosystem and contributing to industrial implementation


Boosting Impact through Communication and Dissemination: The REDINN communications team is working with all project partners and our colleagues in our sister projects to ensure that our activities, outcomes, and developments are communicated to all groups of stakeholders via our website, newsletters, social media platforms and dissemination channels to ensure we maximise the impact of our research developments.


Commenting on REDINN’s role in OXIPRO, Leonardo Piccinetti said: “REDINN is proud to be a key partner in such an innovative initiative and values the opportunity to work with such a strong team of researchers and industry partners. We will ensure that OXIPRO’s research developments and outcomes have the desired impact in policy, research, and industry – and in the uptake of more sustainable, environmentally consumer products.”


The REDINN team in OXIPRO – Image:


Leonardo Piccinetti – Senior Research and Innovation Advisor and Managing Director

Donatella Santoro – Project Manager


Giorgia Liberati – Researcher and Scientific Consultant

Lesley Tobin de Fuentes – Communication, Dissemination and Policy Consultant



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