Introducing the OXIPRO Team at GECCO

At Gecco Biotech, we are committed to early-stage enzyme discovery and development for various fields, including chemistry, pharmaceuticals and flavors and fragrances (F&F). We take pride in participating in challenging projects and strive to deliver sustainable and green enzymatic solutions.

Nowadays, we position ourselves in the market as a hub for complete enzyme services, from enzyme discovery to establishing biocatalytic processes. Our state-of-the-art experimental expertise and experience in balancing relevant reaction requirements are crucial assets in creating products tailored to our client’s needs. Aside from client-focused projects and to address the needs of specific markets, we run internal innovation and development (I&D) projects that allow us to expand the IP portfolio and develop kits of specialty enzymes. Those enzymes are then available to our customers for testing under a material transfer agreement.


The OXIPRO team within Gecco is developing a toolbox for enzyme stabilization through encapsulation in protein nanocages. These structures evolved by Nature for the sequestration of DNA/RNA or proteins can be used in biotechnology to increase thermostability and extend the shelf life of enzymes. Furthermore, they can provide protection against proteolytic degradation, a feature exploited within detergent and nutraceutical cases in OXIPRO.

So far, Dr. Caterina Martin, Senior Scientist, Ognjen Pećanac, Research Scientist, and Rosalie Kleissen, Junior Scientist, have produced and tested close to one hundred putative encapsulins. Successful production was achieved for 40 different encapsulins, and their compatibility with two different enzymes was tested and currently undergoing further characterization and/or improvements.


Image (from left to right): Gecco-biotech team (from left to right): Anka Hagelschuer, MSc (Intern), Marnix Loonstra, MSc (Research Scientist), Ognjen Pećanac, MSc (Research Scientist), Nikola Lončar, PhD (CEO and Co-founder), Hugo van Beek, PhD (CSO and Co-founder), Ivana Marić, PhD (Project Manager), Rosalie Kleissen (Junior Scientist), Caterina Martin, PhD (Senior Scientist), Prof. Marco Fraaije (Co-founder), Cora Gutiérrez, PhD (Front-end Developer).

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