First BSC workshop on Computational Enzyme Bioprospecting and Engineering

OXIPRO partner BSC has delivered its first workshop on Computational Enzyme Bioprospecting and Engineering, organized alongside sister project FuturEnzyme. The event provided a comprehensive overview of the principles and techniques used in this exciting field, including the latest advancements and techniques in protein engineering using computational methods such as bioprospecting, molecular simulations, and artificial intelligence.


The aim was to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to design and engineer proteins with enhanced properties, whether they are seasoned researchers or new to the field. The workshop featured talks from leading experts, including Dr. Pablo Pérez García from the University of Hamburg, who discussed the discovery of new enzymes with HMM-based bioprospecting, Dr. Sergi Rodà Llordés from Nostrum Biodiscovery, who presented AsiteDesign, a semi-rational algorithm for automated enzyme design, and Dr. Hein J Wijma from the University of Groningen, who introduced FRESCO, a rapid computational protocol for enhancing protein stability.


Our objectives for the workshop included promoting interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration between different fields, highlighting the real-world applications of computational protein engineering, introducing participants to the leading software for computational protein engineering, and promoting the importance of computational protein engineering in advancing our understanding of biological systems and developing new solutions for global challenges.


Check the program of the event.


This workshop was organized with the support of FuturEnzyme (DOI 10.3030/101000327) and Oxipro (DOI 10.3030/101000607) projects, as well as the collaboration of M. Ferrer (supported by MICINN and AEI (DOI 10.13039/501100011033) and the “NextGenerationEU/PRTR”; PID2020-112758RB-I00, PDC2021-121534-I00, TED2021-130544B-I00). We are grateful for their contributions to the success of this workshop.


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