Meet the OXIPRO Partners at UAB

The group of Bioprocess Engineering and Applied Biocatalysis from UAB is a partner in OXIPRO developing an eco-friendlier biobleaching process. Gregorio Álvaro is the team leader with a broad expertise in biocatalysis and enzyme immobilization. Marina Guillén and Óscar Romero are senior researchers working in both biocatalysis and bioprocess engineering. Iván Dimitri and Yerko Fredes are PhD students working on the development of the textile innovation case of OXIPRO. Gloria Gonzalez is the responsible of the fermentation pilot plant, Antoni Casablancas is a specialist in protein production and Gerard Guerra is also working in molecular biology and recombinant protein production in E . coli.


The main objective of the group is to develop biotechnological processes to obtain products of interest for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food&beverage and health industries. Thus, the research group develops its activities in the field of the Industrial Biotechnology (or White Biotechnology).


The research interests are focused on:

i) microbial production of recombinant proteins and low molecular weight molecules (bulk/fine chemicals) in Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris using several renewable raw materials; specially the group is focused on development and intensification of bioprocesses.

ii) enzymatic processes of stereoselective synthesis, developing methodologies and strategies to obtain several products:

  • Stereoselective biocatalysts (aldolases, lipases, oxidoreductases and transaminases).
  • Products of interest for the pharmaceutical and health sectors: iminocyclitols, carboxypeptidases inhibitors (PIC), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, recombinant proteins for therapeutic use (enzymes, antibody fragments, etc.)
  • Products for the chemical and food industry: intermediates of chemical synthesis (chiral amines, alcohols), nutraceuticals, structured lipids, biofuels (biodiesel), biolubricants, etc.

Image: The UAB team from left to right:

From left to right: Yerko Fredes, Ivan Dimitri, Óscar Romero, Marina Guillén, Gloria González, Gregorio Álvaro, Antoni Casablancas, Gerard Guerra



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