Calyxia: Enhancing Enzyme Application with Eco-friendly Technology

Enabling an Advanced and Sustainable Future

Calyxia designs, manufactures, and sells high-performing, eco-engineered and tailor-made microcapsule solutions that enable global manufacturers to advance product performance and achieve sustainability goals. Based on an innovative technology, Calyxia’s biodegradable microcapsules solutions are of significant interest for various markets, including Home Care, Personal Care and Agriculture to fight against microplastic use. Indeed, today a substantial amount of microplastics can be found in everyday products, such as fragrance capsules for laundry, and are now ubiquitous  in the environment where they remain long-term and contribute to environmental pollution and risk to human health. By developing biodegradable capsules, Calyxia is delivering chemical solutions which do not negatively impact the environment at the end of their life-cycle, and at the same time these solutions support the recent EU ban on the intentional use of microplastics in products.


Innovative Microcapsule Technology

Within Calyxia, the OXIPRO team are working on enzyme stabilization through innovative microencapsulation technology for various potential application markets. The versatility of Calyxia’s controlled process enables a strong compatibility with a wide range of ingredients to be encapsulated, and the possibility to design microcapsule properties, depending on specific application needs. Calyxia is currently developing a toolbox of biodegradable microcapsules using different biodegradable chemistries and specifically designed properties to find the best candidates for enzyme compatibility and protection during application.


Commenting on their role in OXIPRO, Business Development Manager, Alexandre Brosse said, “We are thrilled to be part of the OXIPRO project and have the opportunity to develop enzyme protection through biodegradable microencapsulation and thus support the development of greener biotech solutions for consumer products.”


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