Taking Textiles to a Whole New Sustainable Level – Meet Zorluteks

Zorluteks is significantly involved in OXIPRO as a textile pilot providing the utilisation of a unique bleaching machine. Its primary objective is to contribute to the development and enhancement of enzyme-based sustainable textile bleaching chemicals. To this end, Zorluteks has shared its critical textile expertise and business know-how, offering samples of its bleaching chemicals whenever required. Zorluteks is delighted to have the opportunity to perform various experiments with its machine after the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly bleaching chemicals.


The team involved in OXIPRO consists of three people: Murat Yıldırım, who is the manager and the Team Leader, is interested in sustainability, quality and control practices, technical textiles, innovation, and industry 4.0 in textiles. He completed his Ph.D. in textile engineering and conducted his thesis on technical textiles. Gizem Özbek Çam is the team’s Assistant Manager and is interested in topics such as chemicals, textile chemicals and processes, innovative R&D projects, sustainability and the environment, as well as biosensors. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in chemical engineering and is working on her thesis about biosensors. Gökçe Sakmar is the R&D engineer and OXIPRO Project Coordinator for the pilot. Her research interests are technical textiles, sustainability, biodegradable textile materials and their processes, fiber-reinforced composites and filtration. She is currently pursuing her MSc. in textile engineering and conducting her thesis on filtration technologies.


Company Profile:

Zorluteks, Europe’s largest home textile exporter, is the largest integrated producer of cotton home textiles in Europe. With a total of 250,000 m2 of enclosed space and 4000 employees, Zorluteks produces 250 million m2 of home textile products annually, including curtains, roller blinds, bed sheets, bed linens, bed covers, table clothes, and coverlets. Exporting 65% of Turkey’s home textile production and 34% of curtain production, Zorluteks exports 18% of its exports and 24% of bed linen exports. The company exports 62% of its production to the US, Europe, Japan, and Russia, while the rest is sold domestically by TAÇ, Linens, and Valeron brands. Zorluteks invests $4 million annually in R&D for sustainable innovation, with the R&D department accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology in 2016. The company also works on projects related to cleaner production, environmentally friendly textile technologies, and energy efficiency. Zorluteks has 13 national projects applied to The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and is actively involved in EU-funded projects, including the H2020 ZERO BRINE demo project and the RECLAIM and OXIPRO projects.


Under the Zorlu Holding Company, there is a commitment to sustainability through the “Smart Life 2030” vision, which focuses on three pillars: “Employees,” “Environment,” and “Society.” Zorlu Textile Group emphasizes “Regenerative Textiles” for a sustainable future, considering social, environmental, and economic aspects. They are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, aligning with principles related to human rights, environment, and more. Their environmental sustainability efforts centre on “Clean Production,” including waste management and efficient resource use. Socially, they promote inclusivity, diversity, and human rights. Objectives within the “Smart Life 2030” vision include achieving net-zero emissions by 2030, transitioning to a circular economic model by 2050, and ensuring a 100% sustainable supply chain by 2030. They also allocate 1% of Zorlu Holding’s earnings to support Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to societal well-being.





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