Science and Technology Studies Pioneer Sheila Jasanoff Named 2022 Holberg Laureate

Research without society’s input lacks balance. How do science and technology interplay with society, politics, culture, and law –  and vice versa? Over the last 100 years we have seen major changes in our understanding of living organisms, and with that we have gained the ability to manipulate microbes and compounds for various application in society, such as enzymes that can be used for food, feed, materials, energy and vaccines.


Prof. Sheila Jasanoff has been interested in understanding how controlling nature and its functions and making tools that have the potential to change what it means to be human, can affect us. She has pioneered research on how scientific and technological trajectories develop together with their historical, cultural, and social contexts, including aspects such as risk management, uncertainty in science, comparative politics of regulation, and science in environmental decision-making.


This week, it was announced that Prof. Sheila Jasanoff will receive the 2022 Holberg prize for her work. Like Jasanoff, OXIPRO believes that involving citizens in science is a priority. OXIPRO congratulates Jasanoff on being awarded this prestigious accolade.


For more information, visit:

Holberg prize announcement


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