OXIPRO Partner University of Groningen Showcases Cutting Edge Research at OxiZymes 2022

OXIPRO is proud to announce that project partner Marco Fraaije, Molecular Enzymology Group, University of Groningen, has been invited as a speaker at the forthcoming 10th Edition of OxiZymes meeting, to be hosted in Siena, Italy, from July 5-8, 2022.


Over the past decade, Marco Fraaije’s research group has focused on the redesign of oxidative flavoenzymes towards industrially relevant biocatalysts. Using insights into their structures and mechanisms, several appealing flavoprotein oxidases and monooxygenases have been engineered. In his lecture titled: ‘Flavoprotein oxidases for plant biomass valorisation’, Marco Fraaije will present the results of recent projects in which his research group has generated thermostable and selective oxidases acting on lignin- and cellulose-derived compounds. He will then describe how these novel biocatalytic tools will enable new industrial processes.


Marco Fraaije commented: “We are in an exciting era when it comes to enzyme engineering. The new tools being developed for tuning enzymes will help us to develop totally new biotechnological approaches to valorise biomass.”


Since the overall aim of OxiZymes is to showcase new oxidoreductases and the latest advances in their biotechnological applications, the conference will provide a perfect platform on which to disseminate the results of this dynamic research group. The general format of the conference is highly interactive, and this will allow for ample time for vibrant discussions, interdisciplinary interactions, and opportunities for industrial researchers to meet with young academics for knowledge transfer and to establish research collaborations.

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