OXIPRO in CLIB Event – Catalyzing Alliances for Greener Products

The Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V.e (CLIB) dedicated its annual end-of-year December forum to OXIPRO and its three sibling EU-funded projects FuturEnzyme, EnXylaScope, and RADICALZ, giving us a platform to present our concepts and selected scientific results with a high linkage towards industrial applications to an interested international audience.

The development of sustainable and resource-saving processes is a major focus of R&D&I work, also supported heavily by the European Commission as part of the Green Deal and the sustainability efforts. Four international research projects, all funded via the EU Horizon2020 framework, are currently exploring the utilisation of enzymes in a variety of industrial applications to make our products greener.

Within the project HiPerIn 2.0, CLIB is looking at industry sectors which could benefit from a structural change away from fossil-based towards biotechnological processes based on renewable substrates. The targeted product groups combine high functionality, designable product properties, and a high added value. We are focusing on five targeted sectors: Textiles & Fibres, Coatings & Adhesives, Personal & Home Care, Food & Feed, and Flavours & Fragrances.

In this CLIB online forum event, researchers and experts presented the opportunities and challenges in the development and production of novel enzymes which will revolutionise common consumer products.

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