OXIPRO welcomes new talent with three early career researchers

OXIPRO partners are delighted to welcome onboard our newest early career researchers: Giorgia Liberati (REDINN); Ivan Dimitri (UAB); and Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt (NORCE):



Giorgia Liberati (REDINN)

Giorgia studied environmental engineering in Bologna, specialising in the circular economy, the design and monitoring of sustainable industrial processes, and environmental impact assessment methodologies. After graduating with an MSc in the application of statistical methods for the evaluation of anaerobic digestion process parameters and biotechnological enhancement of Mediterranean agro-wastes, Giorgia launched her academic career as a research fellow in the application of LCA analysis, with her main foci on recycling and secondary raw materials, such as the development of a circular economy mattress supply chain and evaluating the newly recycled products. She has been consolidating her knowledge of the social and economic aspects of LCA while also carrying out microscopic analyses and regeneration of soil and compost starting from farm waste.


Giorgia has now joined OXIPRO partner REDINN to address the economic and social LCA aspects of the project, in which she will deal with the four case studies of OXIPRO, working in synergy with VTT, which will bring forward the environmental assessment. OXIPRO will enable her to test methodologies, such as the S-LCA, within international case studies and with stakeholders in government and policy.


Ivan Dimitri (UAB)

Ivan is an MSc student in Advanced Biotechnology at UAB. His background in industrial biotechnology led him to develop a great interest in bioprocesses, enzymatic catalysis and its application in green chemistry. He is eager to contribute to OXIPRO!


Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt (NORCE) 

Anna’s MSc thesis fostered an interest in circular economy, which she is now tackling from different angles at NORCE. In OXIPRO she is looking forward to contributing towards how different social and community factors, such as competence building, social acceptance, stakeholder engagement, governance analysis and partnerships and cooperation, play a role in advancing the circular economy.


We look forward to watching their careers progress as they apply and develop their knowledge and skills in the OXIPRO project.





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