New Team Member at NORCE Adds Value to OXIPRO’s Circularity Goals

OXIPRO is delighted to welcome NORCE Business Analyst and Researcher Anne Marthe Harstad to the team.


Anne Marthe describes her background and what she brings to the project:


“I hold an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). My major is Economic Analysis, which offers an analytically rigorous approach to economics, business management and finance. I chose courses mostly within economics, as well as finance. In my MSc thesis, I analyzed product bundling in the market for tv/streaming.


After finishing my MSc, I worked as a Business Analyst at Lyse, a Stavanger-based power company. Lyse also offers services within streaming, via its company Altibox. After a while, I also worked as a Business Controller as well, becoming a member of the leader group and board secretary. I found that I drifted further and further away from my curricular interests and was happy when I found a job listing at IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger) – now NORCE. During my time at NORCE, I have been and still am, working on a variety of industry-oriented projects, first and foremost related to the energy and seafood sectors. I work with both quantitative and qualitative methods.


Some past and current projects: I am an agent for the Norwegian Central Bank’s regional network. Together with other agents, I provide information that reinforces the analysis on which the Norwegian Central Bank’s monetary policy decisions are made. I interview about 100 business leaders throughout the year, as well as participate in regular meetings with the Central Bank to discuss our findings. In general, my project portfolio covers a broad range of topics, from the effects of economic government support on businesses, the use and evaluation of government R&D instruments in the seafood industry, green transition among SME’s and the identification of value chains that are suitable for a circular economy. At OXIPRO, I am going to work on WP6, Task 6.3 – Circularity of value-chains, and participate in evaluating the potential for circular value chains and new value creation regarding the use of residual products in the seafood industry. I have worked on several projects related to the seafood industry and find it interesting to apply my knowledge of circular economics in this field. I look forward to getting started!”


We wish Anne Marthe every success.





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