New OXIPRO Team Member at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

Image of Albert

The OXIPRO Project is delighted to welcome a new researcher to the team. Albert Cañellas comes from Tarragona, Spain, and has just successfully completed a joint honours degree in Computer Science and Biotechnology at Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

During his studies, he completed an internship in a Germany-based biotechnology company, programming an optical flow algorithm for a “Human-on-a-chip”. This technology provides preclinical insights and enables the direct prediction of effects of chemicals and their metabolism on near real-life models.

Albert has now joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre Life Sciences – Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling group as a Junior Research Engineer.
Albert Cañellas will contribute to the development of biocontainers tools for enzyme engineering within Work Package 2 under the supervision of Prof. Victor Guallar.

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