The OXIPRO Approach

OXIPRO will contribute to the transition to greener sunscreen, textiles, nutraceuticals and detergents

OXIPRO will enable a faster time-to-market of the
project developments

OXIPRO will contribute to social and economic sustainability

By co-creating and co-developing an efficient oxidoreductase foundry under an interdisciplinary and systemic innovation approach

By integrating high-performance computing and cutting-edge biotechnology

By developing novel generic technology platforms:

enzyme intelligence (in silico bioprospecting and evolution, machine learning)

enzyme technologies (microfluidic reactors, co-factor dependences, bio-degradable immobilization),

By engaging a broad stakeholder groups covering the entire value chain in forums, workshops, and policy-making events.

By investigating raising consumer awareness (habits, perception and preferences).

By developing and imparting knowledge and innovations along multiple levels (local, regional, national and European),



This is the responsible research and innovation approach and framework that will be implemented throughout the project.

WP1 will guide the innovation, supporting the new technologies and enzyme developments through co-creation, and contributing to meet the values, needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholder groups, all the way towards industrial implementation exploitation activities. 


These are cross-cutting scientific and technological WPs addressing different aspect of enzyme innovation, ranging from enzyme discovery and engineering, to novel development and production technologies that will ensure fast track from lab to market and future industrial implementation. 


This work package provides the context for developing cost-effective, profitable and  sustainable enzyme-based consumer products in the four different industrial sectors (textiles, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and detergents). It coordinates and integrates work from the previous WPs and provides the environment for testing and validating the new enzyme technologies into novel products and processes. 


This addresses implications of environmental, social and economic sustainability and covers safety assessment of the enzyme-containing consumer products developed as well as circularity of value chains. 


WP7 ensures the planning and coordination of all communication, dissemination and awareness-raising to be conducted in OXIPRO, which implies practically all project activities.


WP8 covers project and consortium management.