OXIPRO is a four-year initiative funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme, bringing together 15 expert organisations from 11 different countries.

It focuses on the development of novel enzymes - and specifically oxidoreductases - for environment-friendly consumer products.

The project is co-creating and co-developing an efficient oxidoreductase foundry in an interdisciplinary and systemic innovation approach.

We will contribute to the transition towards greener sunscreens, textiles, nutraceuticals and detergents, and to the EU Bioeconomy Strategy.






  Unique Interdisciplinary Approach


OXIPRO will develop novel generic technology platforms, integrating high-performance computing and cutting-edge biotechnology:

  • Enzyme intelligence (in silico bioprospecting and evolution, machine learning)

  • Enzyme technologies (such as microfluidic reactors, co-factor dependences, and bio-degradable immobilization)


  Ensuring Wider Application


The integrated interdisciplinary platforms will help expedite the transition from lab to market, and can be replicated to other enzyme families and industrial sectors.


By broadening the application of enzymes in greener consumer products, the OXIPRO approach will contribute to the overall sustainability and competitiveness of the European bio-based economy.

   The Big Picture