New Researcher Joins OXIPRO Team at NORCE

OXIPRO is delighted to welcome onboard a new researcher, Rasmus Moen Ree, who has joined the team at NORCE.

Rasmus’s research background is in molecular biology, which he studied at the University of Bergen, Norway. After successfully defending his PhD thesis in 2017, he has been working as a postdoctoral researcher in Bergen since then. His focus until now has been on working to understand the function of protein modifications in health and disease. He has analysed this question from several angles: biochemically, through mass-spectrometry driven proteomics, and through zebrafish developmental biology.

During the past couple of years, Rasmus has been working with proteomics in cultured cells and zebrafish to understand the function and mechanisms of protein co- and post-translational modifications. He is also interested in applying rational enzyme design to practical biotechnology problems.


Within OXIPRO, Rasmus’s aim is to test flavin-containing monooxygenases which have been engineered to adapt their cofactor requirements, as well as developing useful methods for analysing their reaction products.

OXIPRO partners wish Rasmus every success in this next phase of his career as part of our team.

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